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Hatch Services - Urban Planning

Hatch has considerable expertise in Urban and Town planning in both the commercial and residential sectors, the skills to always design with an eye to the most efficient use of available space. We begin with a review of existing documentation of projects relative to the Client’s needs, take this relevant information and review the elements of a program with the Client to come up with a finite program that better defines the elements of the designed facility. During this programming period, we would involve the neighborhood and community as to better understand their expectations of the project and review any solutions with them for concurrence and support. Also, we would encourage field trips to existing facilities that the “team” feels best exemplifies the requirements the Client is trying to achieve in the final project. Once this effort has been completed and is agreed upon by all parties, the formal architectural design services could begin, and those services would be divided into five categories:

  • Schematics
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documentation
  • Construction Bidding
  • Construction Administration

Hatch’s team of professionals includes specialists in all aspects of real estate, urban and economic planning, and community development. Using creativity and imagination, balanced by real world practicality and solid analytical reasoning. Hatch provides its clients with an unmatched understanding of the problems and opportunities associated with real estate and urban development.

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