E-Learning & Pakistan’s Future of Education

Technological advancements in recent years has proven to be a disruptive force in the education sector, transforming traditional learning paradigms and fostering an environment conducive to more personalized types of learning.

With emergence of E-learning, education is no longer geographically limited. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop, smartphone, or tablet to gain access to a wealth of study material from prestigious educational institutions and diverse online learning programmes. This adaptability also allows working people to obtain higher qualifications in order to broaden their skill set.

In the last couple of years after the outbreak of COVID Pandemic, the concept of traditional education has shifted dramatically. With the growth of the internet and new technologies, being physically present in a classroom is no longer the sole way to learn. We are now entering a new era, the era of the E-Learning.

Pakistan being one of the world’s fastest developing countries in the world in terms of technology, and the technological developments are seen impacting the education. Pakistan now has roughly 54% of its Population, which amounts to nearly 118 million citizens having access to the internet as of 2021, and the number is expanding at an exponential rate. The availability of the internet has drastically changed the country’s way of life, People are doing everything online, from working to buying to networking to studying. As a result, E-learning has become one of the country’s fastest growing sectors.

The epidemic compelled educational institutions in Pakistan to swiftly switch to online teaching and learning.

Educational experts in Pakistan believe that after the pandemic the era of E-learning has truly arrived, and will become a part of life for students and professionals. To further consolidate the E-learning as the future of education in Pakistan, role of Hatch Pakistan becomes very crucial as since its inception Hatch’s main aim is to empower students, entrepreneurs and businesses to magnify their knowledge.

Learning online with Hatch allows you to brighten and expand your career and business with the help of numerous learning courses and programmes offered through the Hatch Skill School initiative, as “Hatch believes that there is a curious mind in each of us, and that if this curiosity is harnessed, it can lead to a better & empowered future.”

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